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What is the main purpose of pallet racking and shelving?

The main purpose of any racking and shelving structure is to be able to optimise the use of the warehouse volume where the goods stored need to be approached for picking activities or where the goods stored if stacked on top of each other would cause product damage.

There are a variety of different racking types and we explain  these in more detail within this site but there are 4 principle gropus:

  1. Adjustable pallet racking often know particularly in North America as selective racks and this has various variations such as double deep racking and VNA
  2. Dynamic storage which covers pallet live racking and shuttle or satellite racking
  3. Drive in racking
  4. Cantilever racking.

All such racking systems are intended for relatively heavy and large pallets and is therefore used in conjunction with materials handling equipment such as fork lift trucks or stacker cranes. Pallet racking in all forms are serious load bearing structures and the responsibilities of warehouse operators with regards to the design and use of the racking can not be underestimated.

Forklift and Racking Options

Choosing the right combination of warehouse, racking, and forklift truck in addition to keeping costs low is not easy. That’s why we created this useful guide which will help you decide which forklift suits your needs.

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