Cantilever Pallet Racking

Overview of Cantilever Pallet Racking

The cantilever pallet racking of raking does not use the same basic materials as with the other racking systems. This type of racking the has an upright to which cantilever arms are attached.

This type of racking is ideal for long goods and varying length goods as not pallet raking uprights can get in the way. The supporting arms are fixed to the upright either by being welded, bolted or in some systems by using a friction type.

Features of Double Deep Racking

  • High stock density
  • More stock readily available when compared to drive in racking
  • Uses conventional equipment but with extending forks

Specifications of Double Deep Racking

  • Fork truck operators need specialist training
  • The rear pallet cannot be accessed without first moving the front pallet
  • Needs good housekeeping to be efficient
  • Back pallets de-rate at higher levels due to the telescopic forks

Uses of Double Deep Racking

Similar to Drive In racking this system is generally used when storing pallets of the same type and when stock rotation and pick faces are not a major concern.

Drawbacks of Double Deep Racking

  • Maximum height 8000-10000mm
  • Max weight at max lift is around 500kgs per pallet but we would recommend checking with a specialist fork truck supplier.
  • Aisle width typically 600mm to 700mm larger than single deep installation
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