Pallet racking is a system of beams and uprights used to support pallets in a warehouse. There are numerous version of pallet racking. The most common is adjustable racking (APR), others include drive-in racking, push back racking, pallet mobile racking, pallet live storage racking and narrow aisle racking.

The pallet racking market in the UK used to be dominated by UK manufacturers. For many years Dexion speedlock pallet racking was the dominant product closely followed by Link 51 pallet racking.

The largest pallet racking manufacturer in the UK is now Link 51. Link 51 pallet racking is manufactured in Telford by Whittan Storage Products Ltd and can be bought direct or through distributors. Surprisingly the racking can be bought at a lower cost from a distributor through the Moresecure side of the business. Click here to find a Link 51/Moresecure distributor. Whittan should be commended for maintaining faith and continue to manufacture in the UK where the costs involved are much higher and hence Link 51 racking is often not competitive. More and more pallet racking suppliers are manufacturing or sourcing the products from overseas. For example HiLo and Planned Storage (PSS) have merged and now manufacture a great deal of their products in Romania.

The other main UK pallet racking manufacturers are Redirack and Linpac formally known as Apex racking. Redirack is probably unique in that they have a welded racking frame (in other words the author cannot think of another manufacturer still offering a welded frame in the UK) which is best welded frames or bolted racking frames has been a long disputed. However, even the USA which for years have championed the welded frame are now switching to the bolted racking system. The USA market leader has just switched from welded to bolted. One thing for certain it is a lot more expensive to repair a welded frame that a bolted one. Redirack in respond to this problem have developed a sacrificial leg.

Linpac’s system like Rediracks is a well established tried and trusted pallet racking system. It does however have the advantage of a bolted frame.

Probably the country making the most racking in Europe is Italy. For years they have combined a low cost manufacturing base with high levels of engineering. One of the leading Italian manufacturers is Torri Racking. Unlike most of the UK systems that have a beam adjustability of 75mm Torri’s is 50mm. This has an added benefit of allowing a 5 tongue pallet racking beam connector whereas the norm is 3. However Torri double up the connectors and the beam is in contact with the upright by 10 connecters at each end. Click here to learn more about Torri racking.