Mon 01, 2014

Are all Pallet Racking suppliers cowboys?

January 13th, 2014|Tags: , , |

The short and simple answer is NO. As with any industry there are the few cowboys that will offer low prices for a low standard, but this does not include the majority. Most people will endeavor to provide an excellent service with the all importance value for money. It is […]

Tue 11, 2013

The Shelving & Racking Industry is full of Cowboys

November 12th, 2013|Tags: , , |

This is not of course true as I genuinely believe most people in the Shelving & Racking Industry endeavor to provide a good service at value for money prices, but we all know there are cowboys in the pallet racking industry. One particular racking buyer in the public sector, seems to […]

Tue 11, 2013

How to save money when buying pallet racking

November 12th, 2013|Tags: , , , |

There are a number of ways when the buyer can save money when buying pallet racking:

Use your warehouse space effectively
Too often the financial constraints within a company often means that the initial purchase price becomes the only criteria in which a decision is made. The total cost of ownership is […]