There are a number of ways when the buyer can save money when buying pallet racking:

  • Make sure you optimise the space effectively

  • Look out for genuine dealer offers caused by over stocking or cancelled order

  • Buy used racking wisely

Warehouse Space

Use your warehouse space effectively

Too often the financial constraints within a company often means that the initial purchase price becomes the only criteria in which a decision is made. The total cost of ownership is not considered. The most common mistake is to buy second hand where the specification is a compromise. A common mistake is where the optimum design may incorporate for example 3 pallet bays with the pallets being stored on the 1000mm face. But then a second hand deal is offered perhaps with 2 pallet bays with the pallet being stored on the 1200mm face. One such project showed a purchase saving of 30% on the face of it a no brainer especially as the loss in capacity was only 15%.  However this calculation does not consider the total cost of the warehouse space, the actual cost of the racking is normally quite a small proportion of the total storage costs. In simplistic terms in the example we used above the customer would have saved more money by simply leasing a 15% smaller warehouse.

Obviously, when the warehouse is physically bigger than you need, then you cannot simply move the walls. However, it is still worth considering filling only 70% of the area and floor stacking in the excess space. In simple terms consider the true cost of ownership not just the initial purchase price.

Racking Canceled Orders

Look out for cancelled orders

Many dealers on occasions may have a cancelled order or they have over stocked to fill lorries and hence have stock they want to shift at great prices. Click on the link below to see any companies offering genuine deals.

Genuine deals. Click Here for Racking Clearance Deals!

Buy quality used racking

Buy good quality used racking

Buying used is not in itself a guaranteed way to save money. As stated above compromising on the specification. Also buying obsolete systems can end up being expensive when it comes to repairs. Finally in many situations the the differential between new and second hand is often not that great. However, with planning, great deals can be had if the racking can come direct from one user to another. The website has a facility where sellers and buyers can log their requirements in advance and by putting the two together money can be saved.