Mobile Pallet Racking

Overview of Mobile Pallet Racking

This is where normal pallet racking is built onto moveable carriages which move along guide rails set within the floor slab. This can eliminate all aisles bar one. The carriages cascade open to allow access into the area where the pallets are that are required.

Features of Mobile Pallet Racking

  • Uses conventional adjustable pallet racking or cantilever racking components although it is highly unlikely that existing racking can be used
  • High level of safety features included
  • 100% selectivity

Specifications of Mobile Pallet Racking

  • Maximum heights 8-10000mm
  • Maximum pallet weight similar to standard pallet racking

Uses of Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking is very popular in close store applications where the cost of maintaining the cold temperature is high thus making the cost of the mobile raking to be much more economically viable. It is also used when 100% selectivity is required for relatively slow moving stock.

Drawbacks of Mobile Pallet Racking

  • The racks have to be opened to allow access to the pallets which can slow down the operation
  • Not suitable for a picking operation
  • The system is relatively expensive being perhaps 3-4 times the cost of a conventional racking system

Cost & capacity of Mobile Pallet Racking

  • Initial cost: 631
  • Typical 5 year cost: 148
  • Effective utilisation: 100