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Location: North America

History/ Background:

Juan Meca Perez-Muelas, current general manager, sets up in Mollerussa (Lleida) a metallic rack workshop catering for warehouses.

The MECA cantilever rack with mobile arm, which has been specially designed for long loads, is developed for the timber industry.

In the first participation at Construmat of the company (Barcelona) the MECA Cantilever rack with mobile arm becomes a hit for its functioning and innovating system

Meca-System develops and introduces in the market the MECA mezzanine floors. That, for its adaptation capacity and versatility, is welcomed among the distributors and customers.

The distributor network is progressively enlarged both nationally and internationally. It is then the beginning of our exports.

The continuous increase of Meca’s products demand leads MECA-SYSTEM to build the 1ª stage of 2.500sqm of the new factory for Cantilever racks and mezzanine floors installed in Golmés (Lleida).

The continuous need for space leads to the enlargement of the productive plant up to 10000sqm, The increase in the production and the storage capacity enabled Meca to give better service and quickness.

New robots are introduced in the production process, which make the manufacturing more automatic and faster and increase the plant capacity.

The first MECA mobile bases are designed and installed. They are capable to carry Cantilever racks, pallet racks, etc …

The technical department is becoming one of the quality mainstays of MECA.

A new and modern powder painting line is installed. It can paint pieces up to 13,5 m. This is one with the biggest capacity in Spain.

More recruitment of personnel: specializing the jobs and increasing the resources for the technical department.

Motivated by the great growth of the national and international markets, MECA‘s turnover increases significantly which is ploughed back for operation and service.

The building of a new factory of 15000 sqm begins intended to increase the production capacity, mainly for pallet rack and long span shelving.

Completion of the new production plant and the beginning of the industrial activity with the diversification of the production of our products.

Implementation of high precision equipment with a high technological level.

Progressing with the latest technology in order to meet the requirements requested nowadays by our clients.

Striving every day in order to act and work for a more responsible and ethical way considering both the internal and external factors; thereby building a corporate responsibility in our company.


Broad range of systems to suit every need, adaptable to different setting and offered in a range of colours. The structure consists of uprights and beams, either with joined beams or C shaped beams.

  • Cantilever Racking
  • Pallet Racking
  • Mezzanine Floor
  • Mobile Bases
  • Carton Flow
  • Drive In
  • Dynamic Systems
  • Longspan Shelving

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