Location: Mexborough


History/ Background:  Established in 1974, Redirack became part of the Constructor Dexion Group but after Dexion UK closed in 2003 Redirack became an independent company. The Redirack pallet racking system was developed in Canada and is part of the Econorack Group. The UK version is a metric version whereas the Canadian version is imperial. There is a Chinese copy in a bolted format of the imperial version which is not compatible with the UK manufactured system.


Redirack frames have continuous uprights and one piece construction, cross bracing is welded instead of bolted. This is extremely rare in the current marketplace with virtually all manufacturers with the exception of Redirack offering bolted frames. Frames are available over 13m high.

  • Wide Aisle
  • Narrow Aisle
  • Double Deep
  • Drive-In
  • Cranes
  • Powered Mobile
  • Push Back
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