Location: Belgium


History/ Background:

Cornix a privately owned Belgian manufacturer of storage systems bought Travhydro from the liquidators in 2009. Travhydro became particularly well known for its drive in racking system which has an unusual box section upright and individual bracing patterns and also standard pallet racking.

Travhydro was founded in September 1928 by the Liège firm ‘Usines à tubes de la Meuse(Tubemeuse)’, with the laying of cables in steel pipes and watercourse construction as its core activities, hence the name ‘Travaux Hydroliques’, abbreviated to Travhydro.

After World War 2, the company turned itself into a supplier of scaffolding, framework and superstructure. During the second half of the last century, subsidiaries were set up in seven Belgian cities. The Netherlands and Luxembourg followed in the early 1960s. Some 30 years ago we took over Utema, with operations in Africa, whereupon the company was renamed Utema-Travhydro. The steel crisis of the 1980s led Tubemeuse to hive off Utema. Since 1987, the existing company, with its core business in the assembly, dismantling and hire of scaffolding, supports, special frameworks and superstructure, has belonged to Groupe De Cock, with its main base in Charleroi. A root-and-branch restructuring took place in 2004, resulting in a new, rejuvenated and vigorous management, in which personal responsibility is central.

In Belgium Travhydro has played, and continues to play, a pioneering role in scaffolding. This is thanks in part to the fact, that unlike more diffuse companies, they have specialised. Moreover, they have a not insignificant level of knowledge in the field of steel constructions such as sheds, pylons, porticos, heavy supports, etc. their extensive know-how brings vital added value to their product, and guarantees safe high-level work for our customers.

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